Gaming Detox Series: Relapse!

I’m not proud of myself. This is probably the Nth time I’ve relapsed.

It took at least almost a week or two weeks for me to stop. Today is a fresh, new day and I wanted to start over again because, for the remainder of the summer, my 10-year-old son isn’t allowed to go onto the computer to play any sort of games. The reason for this is because of attitudes, talking back, and all that jazz when it comes to kids.

So I didn’t want to continue playing while he wasn’t able to. I want to lead by example as a parent should. So now, I’m detoxing…again.

I’m not going to lie, it’s uncomfortable for the both of us. We’re both irritated, bored, annoyed, and sad that we can’t play video games on the computer.

My son had told me that I made him feel bad when he saw me on the computer today and he couldn’t go on.

I explained to him that I’m only on the computer writing posts, studying for my state exam for insurance, working on getting homeschooling materials together or researching something. So I explained to him that we are both in this together and he’s not alone.

This made me feel really good knowing that he knows he’s not alone.



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Ashley Kinscy

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